Stocktake 2016, Hello 2017!

2016 is the year when Familytrippers happened. I still recall about a year ago, the idea for Familytrippers was hatched. We were travelling quite a bit with our young boys in tow. Short trips, long trips, we had a couple of the former and at least one of the latter every year. 

For Adi and I, travelling has always been the highlight of our relationship. Within 2 months of knowing each other, we were already on our first vacation with another friend of ours. It was only natural when we got married and had kids, that we started to include them in our travel adventures. 

With Familytrippers, I discovered a whole community of families who have been doing what we are doing, waaaay earlier than us. We connected with families from around the world, followed their travel stories and getting inspired. Then there were the worldschoolers, family who have been travelling for the last 1 year, educating their children through life and travel experiences. 

So what is Familytrippers all about you might wonder? Well, for a start, we hope to inspire families to travel with their young kids, through our stories, photos and travel tips. It’s also a great way for us to document down highlights of each trip. Our Familytrippers Exchange serve to do that, and we have one coming up on 21 January. 

We also wish to grow this community of family trippers and we have plans to work with other partners to organise more family friendly travel itineries and globalplaydates . We kickstarted the LittleXplorers Arctic Tour with Scandiplanet and Arctic Trip in October this year. The package and the programme has been curated specially for families with young kids like ours, there’s so much adventure even for  2 year old Dani. And the adults still get to have their Northern Lights fix. Coming up is a 4d Bali package for families who want a uniquely family Bali experience, one without beaches and parties. 

And while we are in Singapore, we hope to continue our LittleXplorers adventure, making the outdoors our best playground and most exciting classroom. A collaboration with F.E.S.T, this is a spin off from all the wilderness adventures we had in Norway. There’s so much to learn and experience in the outdoors, and where best to explore if not the places and spaces in our own country ! We are planning for our second adventure this month. Details will be out tomorrow, stay tuned! 

That’s Familytrippers in a nutshell. Join us, support us, learn with us. We look forward to meeting more people this year!