5 reasons why now is a good time to visit KidZania Singapore

Kai everyone!

We were in KidZania this week and in the City of KidZania, “Kai” means Hi! As you can tell, we have not fully gotten over the KidZania mania. Our firstborn, Ari does not stop talking about KidZania. Yesterday, he was asking me which of the passport holder lanyard was his, and whether the one he saw lying in the house belongs to his friend, H. (No, it’s not H’s. Ibu bought an extra piece for a Familytrippers’ giveaway. To which, his reply was: “What’s a giveaway, Ibu?” šŸ˜“)

Anyway as I’m still in the midst of writing a longer post on our experience in KidZania, here’s a short one with 5 reasons why we think that now is the best time for you to make a trip to KidZania.


1. No Queues!

We learnt that January has been a lull month for KidZania so far. After a packed December, staff we spoke to agreed that business has been less brisk since school reopened. We were there on a weekday, but we were told it hasn’t been crowded on weekends as well. The good thing about going on a lull month is that you get to skip KidZania’s infamous long queues. We didn’t have to queue to enter when we arrived at 10am, neither did we have to queue for the activities. There was a school excursion that morning with about 100 primary school students. Even then, there was barely a queue forming anywhere. Which also means that the kids got to maximise their time in KidZania. Each got to play at least 11 role-playing activities, and that’s way more than what you can probably do during the peak period.

2. “Private” sessions!

Despite the low traffic, we noticed that all the activities were still made available to the kids. Most of the time, the kids get a private play session. Which means that they get the full attention of the staff manning the activity. At the cabin crew activity, parents get to be “passengers” on board the plane, and we were “served” by the kids. As we were the only passengers, we asked whether we could bring along our younger son, Dani, into the plane with us. Dani must have thought that we were really flying off, he asked to be buckled up and was excited when his brother served him a tray of “food”. We also hopped onto the WTS Tour coach activity and again, we asked for permission to bring Dani along for a ride with the older kids.

3. Special CNY Event!

There are a series of activities taking place in KidZania this CNY, but I thought that this might excite the most:

A CitiZens Hongbao GIVEAWAY!

From 21 Jan to 12 Feb, all returning and new Bā€¢KidZanian CitiZens will each receive a Hongbao with 80 kidZos as part of the Bā€¢KidZanian Hongbao Giveaway upon entering the City or upon sign-up. There are also additional activities like a Lion Dance City Parade and handicraft booths which you might be interested in. You can find more details below.

4. KidZania shops promotion!

And if you are thinking of getting some souvenirs from KidZania (I bought passport holder lanyards for the kids), this month’s promotion sounds like a good deal. For every $50 spent, you will Receive 50 kidZos & a carpark coupon . Since we drove, I thought it was a good deal! We ended up paying only $1 for our parking, also because there’s free parking if you park at the Beach Carpark during lunch hours (12-2pm) on weekdays. So if you are headed to KidZania anytime from now till 12 Feb, you might want to take note of this promotion. Terms apply so you might want to visit their website for more info. 

5. 4 Visits for the Price of 3!

From now till 31 March, you can enjoy a special bundle package of 4 visits for the price of 3. Ticket redemption period is valid till 31 Dec 2017, excluding Public Holidays and it is valid for Kid ticket only. Promotion is valid for walk-in redemption and is not to be used in conjunction with other offers, discounts or promotions. 


So there you have it, 5 reasons why you should consider heading to KidZania now and not wait till the school holidays!