2017 in review

Familytrippers was in full force this year.

We tried our best to share as many useful articles, tips and travel guides for our fellow family trippers in our blog and social media pages. We wanted to write more, but it was always challenging to find the time to do so in the midst of work, family commitment and our travels.

Friends, acquaintances and even people we didn’t know started writing to us for tips on various aspects of family travel, ranging from how to survive baby’s first flight, suggested activities for holidays to destinations that we have been to, and specific questions on performing umrah with young kids. We have had the opportunity to meet, chat and exchange travel stories with some of our readers.

Our monthly nature walk with FEST Sg kept us connected with the community, and satisfied our desire for adventure and exploration on the months when we weren’t travelling. For the first time also, we got invited to share our stories at a public event. It was nerve-wrecking but it turned out fun and we won’t mind doing more of such sharings.

In fact, one of our plans for 2018 is to host more of such family travel sharing sessions. We are also hoping to collate family-friendly itineraries from fellow family trippers and share them on our blog. We want to go back to our vision for Familytrippers, that is to build up a community of family travellers inspiring others with their own stories of their family travels. And that’s you we’re talking about – You, Your Family and Your Travel Stories.

Let’s get the ball rolling, and make 2018 the year the community of Familytrippers comes to life !