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Our first Flytographer experience in Amsterdam

I chanced upon Flytographer while doing research for #thesuhardisineurope , and I was immediately attracted to what it has to offer – a photoshoot in a city of our choice by a local freelance photographer. It helps that their rates were attractive as well, starting from just USD $250 for a 30min shoot.

We have done 2 family photo shoots previously – the first was in Ubud, Bali when Ari was barely a year old and the second was in Bandung back in 2015. For both shoots, I engaged local photographers at very attractive (low) rates. We have some amazing family travel shots from both shoots.

We decided very quickly that we will take up a photoshoot package with Flytographer. We chose Amsterdam as we figured it will be least stressful given that it was the last leg of our trip. It also helped that the Amsterdam photo gallery had some amazing photos that we were eager to replicate for ourselves. We went for the 1 hour shot as we figured that we won’t be able to move fast with 2 young ones in tow. We had to also select a photographer whom we would like to engage, we selected the one whose photography style resonated most with us.

Communication with the photographer was done primarily through our Flytographer contact point. We were asked on our photoshoot concept and some of the must-have shots that we wanted during the shoot. My brief was simple, I wanted some shots of us riding our bikes, along the canals and posing in front of the pretty Dutch houses. Nearer to the shoot date, Flytographer linked us up with the photographer of our choice, Silvia and we confirmed the arrangement with her via watsapp the day before the scheduled shoot.

The day of the shoot also happened to be the day when the time shifted back by one hour to account for the daylight saving hour. We were clueless of this phenomenon and ended up at the meeting point an hour ahead of schedule. We got anxious when Silvia didn’t arrived at what we thought was the agreed meeting time and was relieved when we finally got in touch with her and learnt that we were early! On the flip side, because we arrived early, we managed to snap a few precious shots of us alone by the iamsterdam signage way before the crowd started piling in. A useful tip for Amsterdam bound travellers, make sure you arrive before 8am if you want to beat the crowd at the iamsterdam signage in front of Rjiksmuseum.

The photos taken by Silvia turned out to be much more than what we expected ! Despite the boys’ crankiness during the shoot, the photos of them still turned out well. I’ve uploaded some of our favourite shots below for your viewing pleasure!

If you’re interested to book a package with Flytographer, I have a piece of good news for you. You can get USD$25 off your first package if you click on this link with the promo code #FLYFAN . Don’t miss the opportunity to bring home lovely travel photos of you and your family this year-end holiday! Have fun!