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A Day at KidZania Singapore: Review and Giveaway

A year ago, we visited KidZania KL and we were blown away by the activities available for the kids. Ari became a firefighter THREE times, and it was then he decided that he wanted to be one when he grows up. We have been wanting to visit KidZania Singapore, but we heard about the long queues, and decided to wait until the novelty has worn off.

For those who are not familiar with KidZania, it is an interactive indoor theme park which allows kids to role play work and life in a kid-sized city. The role-play activities have been designed to mimic real life, and KidZania partners with different brands and organisations to make that happen. There’s also a lesson on economics as they get paid KidZo dollars for “working” and they get to spend their money when they take up other roles as “learners”. With over 60 different role-playing activities in over 50 establishments, the kids get to play adults and be empowered to make their own “decisions”.

As luck would have it, we managed to score media passes to KidZania Singapore. We decided to pay a visit in January as we figured it won’t be as packed as during the school holidays. We were spot on! Despite hosting a school excursion group on that same morning, there was still ample space in the 81,000 sq ft KidZania city, and minimal queuing needed.


KidZania Singapore is located in Sentosa. If you are driving, park at the Beach Carpark off Siloso beach. KidZania is located just across from the carpark entrance so you might to park nearer to the entrance so that you won’t have to walk too far.

The first thing that you’ll spot as you reach KidZania is the Qatar Airways plane. Singapore prides itself to be the first KidZania in the world to house a full-wing fuselage of a Boeing 737! All the aviation activities are held within the plane itself, unlike in KidZania Malaysia which only feature the cockpit of an Air Asia plane.


As we entered KidZania, we couldn’t help but felt as though we were at the airport. The ticket counters have been modelled after the check-in counters at the airport. It sure felt like we were going on a flight, sans the luggages though. Each kid received a boarding pass, a wrist tag, 20 KidZo dollars and a bank card which they can use to open a personal savings account at any time during their visit.


To avoid disappointment, you are strongly advised to get your tickets via online purchase, so that you are guaranteed admission on your chosen day. You can make your online purchase at least 1 day in advance. Same day online purchase is not allowed. You can purchase your tickets here.

Here’s Ari and his friends all ready to start exploring the city of KidZania.


Plan your activities

Role-play activities at KidZania Singapore are for kids 4-17 years old. Look out for the Census Board displayed outside each establishment which will indicate the activity type, minimum age, duration of play, and how much kidZos kids can earn or need to pay. Some activities may have higher requirements for age and height.

Photo 16-1-17, 4 36 55 PM.jpg

The day before we went to KidZania, I checked out the city map of KidZania and discussed with Ari the activities that he would like to go for. Top on our list were the firefighter activity (no surprise there), pilot activity and one of the fast food activity (he couldn’t decide whether he wanted to go to Pizza Hut or KFC. In the end, we did both!). We went straight for those activities, and barely had to queue for them.

Here are some photos of the kids role-playing jobs that they were paid for.

As SCDF Fire-fighters

Photo 16-1-17, 10 42 49 AM.jpg


As Qatar Airways Pilot



As Lifebuoy lab scientists


Ari as the Newspaper delivery boy

Photo 16-1-17, 1 51 50 PM.jpg

Photo 16-1-17, 1 47 48 PM.jpg

As little actors performing on the big stage

Photo 16-1-17, 2 26 49 PM.jpgPhoto 16-1-17, 2 30 34 PM.jpg

As Camouflage models catwalking down the runway 



As Qatar Airways cabin crew (Oh this was fun because we got to be on board the flight as passengers!)



Plan your meals

There were some role-playing jobs that the kids had to pay for with their KidZo dollars. As a rule of thumb, all the food-related ones require money. In return, the kids learnt how to make their own meals which then became their lunch (pizza from Pizza Hut) and afternoon tea (burger from KFC). Considering we were there all the way from 10am to 5pm, we didn’t have to fork out a single cent for their meals!

As chefs from Pizza Hut


and their lunch…


As STICKY Candy workers


As chefs from KFC

Photo 16-1-17, 3 20 28 PM.jpg

We also paid money to go on a ride on the WTS tour bus as passengers. The kids could have earned money to be a tour guide, but as it was our final activity for the day, we decided to take a break and do a bit of sight-seeing ourselves.

Photo 16-1-17, 4 38 54 PM.jpg

Under 4s

Kids aged below 4 years old are considered toddlers and may only play at toddler designated areas, namely the Kindergarten and RightZKeepers Residence.

Photo 16-1-17, 10 58 11 AM.jpg

Photo 16-1-17, 11 14 54 AM.jpgPhoto 16-1-17, 12 00 20 PM.jpg

Not as fun as what the older kids got to do, but I’m sure 2 year old Dani enjoyed the limited activities he participated in – catching a play, watching a fashion show, dancing alongside the city parade and boarding an aeroplane. Oh Dani also managed to snap a photo with one of the mascots of KidZania while his brother was busy working. Lucky him!


Other useful tips

It can get pretty chaotic for the kids having to juggle their bank card and their money, you might want to bring along a small pouch for them to carry around with them. As we didn’t have any with us, I decided to buy a passport lanyard for the kids.

Alternatively, you can encourage your child to go cashless and deposit his money in the bank. At least, I wanted Ari to do that, so I told him to activate his bank card and deposit his money. Parents aren’t allowed in the bank, presumably they want the kids to handle their finances independently. When the bank teller asked Ari whether he would like to deposit his money in the bank, he shook his head and walked away.

Photo 16-1-17, 1 34 17 PM.jpg


If your kid loves to dance, let him/her join the City Clock Dance which takes place every hour at the Clock tower. Do also join in the City Parade and parade around the whole city with the staff and mascots of KidZania.

Photo 16-1-17, 2 55 07 PM.jpg

For parents with older kids, you can consider hanging out at Parent’s Lounge while waiting for your children. The Lounge is located on the Mezzanine Floor, next to the PaZZport Office.

Also, if you intend to visit KidZania again in the near future, you might want to consider signing up your kid for the B.KidZanian citizenship programme. As a citizen, they will receive their very own B•KidZanian PaZZport and earn extra kidZos on every activity they complete and receive discounts within the City. The more kidZos earned or saved, the more rewards they can enjoy!

Each time they visit KidZania, they will receive a stamp on their PaZZport and they will be recognised as Distinguished CitiZens and Honourable Citizens of KidZania when they have collected 30 and 60 stamps respectively. A Distinguished PaZZport will allow them to earn or save 4 extra kidZos per activity, while a Honourable PaZZport will grant them the ability to earn or save 6 extra kidZos for each activity and may even be invited to be a member of CongreZZ.

The good thing is that this programme is applicable in other KidZania cities like KL and Bangkok. I must admit this was the pull factor for me to sign Ari up for the programme!

Proceed to the PaZZport Office on the Mezzanine Floor in KidZania Singapore on your day of your visit to register. A one-time  fee of S$18 is applicable per kid and is payable at the point of enrolment in the PaZZport Office.

Lastly, I have two pieces of good news for all Muslim families out there. (1) You can find plenty of halal food establishments in KidZania, from Malay food at Warung M Nasir to halal fast food chains i.e. KFC and Pizza Hut. (2) There is a prayer room located on Mezzanine level of KidZania, next to the washroom. It’s relatively big, with ablution area within the room itself, and it comes equipped with prayer gears. Some photos below.

Photo 16-1-17, 3 24 08 PM.jpgPhoto 16-1-17, 3 36 24 PM.jpgPhoto 16-1-17, 3 36 38 PM.jpg

Definitely a plus point for our family!

:: GIVEAWAY!! ::

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Terms and conditions

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