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Keeping safe when Travelling 

How do you keep yourself, your family and your valuables safe when you’re travelling? After our London misadventure, we posed this question to our friends in Facebook, and here are some of the best replies we received. Useful tips for fellow family trippers heading to Europe this holiday!


I keep my money everywhere. even in my shoes 😂

Tan-Ly Jennifer:

In Italy (Rome) where its famous for pickpockets, money is kept in bra, shoes. Always split the cash. And I tie my wallet to my bag. I do not bring out my wallet when paying anything. Don’t attract attention.

And if we are lost, we keep moving and do not stand at 1 place for more than a few seconds pple will know u are a tourist and is lost. I am a kiasu Singaporean traveller! Lots more precaution that I take actually. Have to publish a book probably. 😂


Buy travel insurance or use a credit card that offers some travel insurance coverage.


I don’t bring all the cash with me. I will budget per day and will also bring with me the total no of $ set aside for the country, eg 3 days in London in a Ziplock bag. My lil wallet (where the daily Budget is in) will be kept in the inner pocket of the jacket or anyway I think will be safe. The rest of the money will be kept in my document file and lock in the luggage.

Most importantly, just be mindful of the surroundings. If I feel someone of a close proximity, I will be more alert. If u r using a backpack, locking the zips help too..


Use a money belt and put it under your top. Put a little cash in a wallet that u can easily have access to ( but to avoid being pickpocketed, consider using a big diaper pin to pin the opening of your pocket. Got this trick from an online site. This was used by a cameraman whenever he needs to shoot in crowded places). Why you still need some money in a wallet is in case if you get robbed, you have something to surrender to them, otherwise they may get suspicious that you have no money at all. According to a restaurant owner in Paris, these pickpockets like to target those with kids as our attention seems to be more on our kids.

When taking trains from one city/country to another, bring a bicycle chain and lock and lock your luggages to the metal rail at the luggage corner. We know of someone who got her luggage stolen (since we tend to seat far from the luggages ) when the train stopped along the way. 😁


I try my best not to put my wallet in a backpack, it’s always in bag in front of me and yes I don’t bring all my money out. Budget per day and bring a credit card. Once I lost my wallet in HK I was still able to survive coz the rest of my money is in my suitcase’s inner pocket (yup that zipped area tt lines the bottom of the bag).


Don’t dump all your cash in your wallet. Keep some in your luggage, your backpack pockets (inside)… 🙂


Separate your cash and cards every day/stage/everywhere you go and somehow be prepared to lose; even the best countries can host the worst people.


Welcome to our world of Scottevest! Go check if out 😉


My two cents contribution. Split it with your traveling partner. We then separate it on ourselves (pocket/pouch/bag etc). Only keeping an estimate of what I think I need for the day accessible.

Another suggestion a friend made, carry a bag with multiple pockets. Place your valuable in the most inner pocket which is closest to your body. (her bag was cut open at the side without her realising till much later. It got their the first layer. Nothing valuable enough to be taken)


When the kids were younger, I put some of the money in their bags. Pickpockets go for the adults not the kids (whom they assumed won’t be carrying cash). But things have changed. Be cautious in obvious places where lots of tourists gather for there will always be thieves amongst the crowds.

Eiffel Tower, Trevi Fountain, Westminster Bridge, Brandenburg Gate, Merlion. Easy to spot the tourists among the crowd. Harder to spot the pickpockets.

Always separate the cash and cards. A friend ‘lost’ his wallet in Europe which was returned later. Credit card doesn’t involve stolen cards but stolen information. Separate the cards and use bank cards with 2FA.


Need to be vigilant everywhere. Especially when a group tries to enter the metro behind u. Hafiz was pickpocketed by the gypsies in the Paris metro. He did not lock his packsafe coz we became complacent. Luckilyy we found out in time.

Lesson 1: Use the locks on our bags.

Lesson 2: Split money and keep most on our body bag.

Lesson 3: Men, don’t keep retreating when a lady pushes u. She might be trying to steal ur wallet.

Someone also stole our luggage on the train between Milan to Rome.

Lesson 4: Chain luggage to the rack.

We had to learn things the hard way.


I used to keep everything in a pouch in front of me, but I’ve been getting very careless after going with husband and having kids. Then we kinda just stuff here there and everywhere.


As students in London, my husband and I relied on our bank cards rather than cash – easier to cancel if anything happens. As a tourist this time around, my husband carried one of those money bags that goes around your waist under your shirt, and I carried a bag that I held close to me and that had an inner zip – anything valuable like phone and money goes in there. As a student, I once carelessly chucked my phone into my coat pocket (cos I was complacent), and got pickpocketed by a guy who “bumped” into me in Bayswater 🙁

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For the love of soccer

Hubby is a huge Soccer fan, so we have decided that we will visit as many stadiums as possible on this trip. In Singapore, Barclays Premier League is one of, if not the most watched sports league. Almost everyone who loves Soccer is an avid supporter of one of the  BPL teams, hence visiting these stadiums where many a matches have been played and streamed live in Singapore, is a big deal to the hubby.

Presenting our collection of #visitallstadiums photos to date.

Emirates Stadium | 14 Oct 2016

Stamford Bridge | 15 Oct 2016

Anfield | 18 Oct 2016

Goodison Park | 18 Oct 2016

Old Trafford | 19 Oct 2016

Etihad Stadium | 19 Oct 2016