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[Review] All-day Sunday brunch at The Halia, Singapore

Family-friendly factor : 5/5

Menu options : 5/5

Price : $$$

The Halia received its Halal certification in June this year, and it definitely brought much cheer to the Muslim community in Singapore. Yay to an additional Halal food option !

We’ve been wanting to check out their all-day brunch menu. And with the opening of the Downtown Line 3, Botanic Gardens became even more accessible than before for us, Easterners. 2 of our friends wanted to try out the new blue line to the Botanic Gardens station and we decided to have that brunch date at The Halia this morning.

We arrived at 11.30am, and had to wait about 15 minutes before we got ourselves seats. The crowd seemed to dwindle halfway through our meal, so if you do not want to wait too long, you might want to consider heading over slightly after the lunch hour. By 2pm when we left, there wasn’t a queue at all.

We got a table at the outdoor verandah. When the blinds were up, it felt like we were dining at some resort or restaurant in Bali, with nature surrounding us. The mostly wooden architecture and interior of The Halia also added on to the Balinese feel and experience. Definitely a plus point for us!

These were the dishes the adults ordered from their weekend menu:

1. The Halia Breakfast (2 eggs, toasted sourdough, turkey breast, sweet potatoes, mushrooms), $24

You can’t quite go wrong with an egg breakfast set. Love that they substitute potatoes with sweet potatoes. How often do you have sweet potatoes for breakfast here in Singapore? And the turkey breast slices were soft and tender. A comforting kinda meal for an eggs lover like myself!

2. 62.5• poached eggs with smoked salmon (toasted brioche, spinach, capsicum salsa), $22 + $5 for the salmon

Lindah had this, and again you can’t go wrong if you’re an eggs lover. You can choose to replace the meat with Wagyu roast beef, if you’re not a fan of salmon.

3. Halia’ Singapore-style Chilli crab spaghettini, $26

Rabi’ah wanted to try a Halia specialty dish, so she went for this. Her review: A tad too sweet and could be spicier, but otherwise great!

Halia is also the Malay word for “ginger”, hence we thought we needed to try out some of their ginger infused drinks. I had the chilled lemongrass and ginger infusion which I thought was refreshing. I like lemongrass so can’t really go wrong there either !

Rabi’ah had another ginger infused drink which she liked because it wasn’t too sweet.

Lindah had an interesting lychee & thyme combination which came with a generous portion of lychees!

Ordered the Chicken Breasts with Carbonara Spaghetti from the kids menu for Dani, $12. It came with a cup of juice or soft drinks. We chose Apple juice. The kids meal was actually something I wouldn’t mind eating myself. Chicken was soft and tender. Portion was too much for Dani. If Ari was with us, the two of them could probably share a plate.

The kids menu was in the form of a colouring and maze page, something to occupy the kids while waiting for food to arrive. A plus point for every family!

Dani gave a double thumbs up when we asked him whether his food was delicious. So I guess that’s a compliment for The Halia! ☺️


t was time for desserts. We were full from our main course and thought we could just share a dessert. We decided to go for this:

Die die must have chocolate, a chocolate mousse cake with raspberry, $9.50

It was a rich flavour which I personally enjoyed – a slight bitterness of the chocolate against the sour taste of the raspberry. And there were candy chocolate bits as toppings, which added sparkles to each bite.

< e asked for our bill at this point, satisfied with our successful first brunch experience at The Halia and were about to leave when someone had to point at the dessert plate of the couple sitting just next to us. Whatever they were having looked very delicious. The couple caught us staring at their plate and confirmed that it was! We decided to order a plate just to try it out. This was what we had:

This was what we ordered – Pain Perdu, $16. It consists of moist hazelnut brioche with bananas, strawberries, raspberries, toasted hazelnuts, drizzled with praline sauce and caramel, with a scoop of chocolate ice-cream as topping. The brioche was crispy on the sides and soft on the inside. If you are looking for dessert options, we highly recommend you go for this one. We finished up the plate in minutes, and had to ask for the bill a second time round.

The Halia is highly recommended if you are looking for an outdoorsy setting for brunch with the family. You can continue to explore the Botanic Gardens after the meal, so many things to see and do. Dani was mesmerised by the mini waterfall nearby, kept pointing at it and muttered “big water” in amazement. < f you walk further on, you can explore other parts of the Botanic Gardens like the Jacob Ballas garden, Asia’s first children garden with lots of nature sensory play areas for young children.

The Halia is located at 1 Cluny Road, Ginger Garden, Singapore Botanic Garden, Singapore 259569. For directions to get to The Halia, you can click here. If you are taking the Downtown Line, factor in a 1.2km walk (about 15 min) to get from the station to The Halia.

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