A tragic Saturday afternoon in London…

Barely 5 minutes after this photo was taken, we found that we had been #pickpocketed. Our travel money (and spare cash!) were gone, but the trip have to go on – we have important matches to catch and people to meet. We had to reassess the amount we will actually need to get through the rest of the trip, without taking away the experiences we had planned for. 

And amazingly, it’s been pretty smooth so far. No impulsive splurges, no random stops at the stores just because we (mostly I) think that there’s something I won’t mind buying, no #spendallmoney because we are dipping into our savings to cover this trip. We’re not likely to be getting much souvenirs either, just because we actually might not be able to afford them. The thief hit a jackpot when he picked our pouch, says the police woman who attended to us.

To the thief, I hope the cctv captured you in action. I would love to know who you are, who had the decency to steal from a family with two young kids. Are you the lady who ran off at the traffic light, just as me and hubby realised our pouch was gone? Or are you that guy behind us in one of the photos my brother snapped of us crossing the road just before you did your “magic”? You may have earned yourself a small fortune but God is great and all good things do come to an end… eventually. My 4 year old son is convinced that the police will catch the “bad guy” and told us not to worry. We are not worried, we are just waiting to see how this story pans out.

From your victims,




Westminster, London


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